My trip to Vietnam was not as great experience for me as my trip to Cambodia. I am not quite sure whether it is the culture or the country that plays a part in my experience. But one thing is certain; Vietnam has its own cultural history – like all other nations. Probably is the “Vietnam War” that stands out when we are thinking about the history of Vietnam. Like in Cambodia, the people in Vietnam lives on what the river MeKong provides them, and there are a lot of rice fields that depends on this river.

Personally, when I traveled around Vietnam I felt that I was more in a Western world than in Asia. Maybe it’s because the war seems to have left some Western culture behind when it was over. I found the so-called Ghost town (the locals call it the “City of Ghosts”)* very interesting place in Vietnam. Where Vietnamese, who are living abroad, build a magnificent tomb, and the ambition seems to be to build larger and cooler tomb than the neighbor’s. Beside that, there was not much that surprised me on trip to Vietnam. But I experienced a lot of different things and different places. In whole; my experience of Vietnam was good and sometimes very interesting. But for me; Vietnam is not Cambodia, and probably does that play a role in my experience.