God’s Chosen Ladies

This project I have been doing, with breaks, since 2014. This issue caught my interest when I was doing the project Workshop in Bangkok 2014. This group of people (LadyBoys) in Thailand no longer have the same tolerance of their people as before. The fact seems to have led to these girls keep more and more group among themselves, instead of mixed people in general. That is particularly true of the so-called sexworkers. They are struggling to work on the street, where the police have an eye that they are not selling themselves on the street. For me, the foreign person, then I think they make a big injustice on the part of the authorities and the public. Especially since the Buddha-belief has always been tolerant for a third sex, which said; Transgender people. I hope these pictures get people to think only about the fact; we are all children of God, and have therefore the same right as other. I really like these girls. They are one of the most mankind people I’ve ever known in my whole life. And I are graceful to them being able to take their photos.